Street By Street


Having been approached to create a double sided leaflet for a non-profit community group we were faced with the challenge of designing a large amount of content that had previously contained various styles and layouts within single publications.

We noticed that for some small non-profit organisations individuality can become overlooked, as organisers lean towards what has already been done as a safe bet. With this project we decided that a doubled sided A4 leaflet did not allow for enough space for the content to be effectively communicated, and that a booklet would allow for more memorable layout opportunities. Creating a bold and confident style the message became the publications main element.


Using a distinct yellow and blue colour palette and the Avenir Next and Avenir Next Condensed typefaces we removed clutter by separating the information into relevant sections and created a typographic hierarchy that allowed the content to become clear and easily digested.

This was juxtaposed with art directed photography that was stylised to create consistent and compelling visuals for the booklet using a ‘Street’ spray painted style.


The final design created a distinct brand for the organisation that allows for future publications to be generated using the same style for any publication.

Ronan LunneyComment