Two Digs Branding

At the beginning of the design process for the Two Digs brand we knew that we wanted our identity to be simple yet stylish. It was important that the design didn’t become overcomplicated as this would conflict with our ethos of effective and distinct communication.

Beginning with the name which is inspired from a personal joke, we found that it evoked different reactions from each individual and symbolised the idea that everyone reacts differently when faced with design.

GT Walsheim was used as our typeface as it is a friendly approachable font family that contains numerous unique and interesting quirks, yet maintains clarity when read.

Encouraging people to analyse and understand what they are seeing is something we enjoy when designing. We wanted this to be especially true when people observed our logo. Understanding the research stage we were also keen to get across our attention to detail which is a paramount objective throughout all of our projects.

We were fortunate that the Two Digs name has a ‘T’ and and ‘i’ that allowed us to visually represent the expression “Cross your T’s and dot your i’s”, which perfectly sums up our careful and precise approach.

The brand focuses on considered layout using the logo as a simple visual means to guide viewers to read easily digested content. Using a distinct black and white colour scheme we created an uncluttered layout by writing direct and informative content which allowed viewers to be visually stimulated yet informed and interested in equal measure.